indoor vip
show and shine

Indoor Applications are OPEN

Join us at the SouthEast's biggest car show and only indoor show and shine on Monday May 1st.

All applications will be responded to by the end of the month in which you have applied i.e. apply January 13th you will recieve a reply by the 31st January. If not please email

We have some set rules for applying which are,

1. The judges will not accepted any application that has 'project' or 'will be finished by the show'.

2. Must be in place till 4pm on Monday May 1st.

3. There will be a jet wash and wash area on Sunday but all cars must be fully dry before going in the hall's.

4. Selected cars must arrive between 2pm - 7pm on Sunday April 30th.

5. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply, If you have a modified Car, Racecar, Hypercar, Superbike, Classic Car, Supercar, Lorry, Hotrod, anything 4 wheels or 2wheels. If it's cool and different we want to see it.


To apply for one of the VIP indoor spots please compete the form below.

If you have trouble with the form please email PICS and Spec to . Must include Mobile number and Instagram Name.

Good Luck with your application.